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Powdered metal manufacturing is a proven, cost effective method of forming near net shape precision metal components in volume.

Our Powdered metal manufacturing process supports a high production capacity with tight tolerance control (diameter +/- .001″, length +/-.005″). Because Powder metal allows for low cost tooling, zero draft capability on vertical walls, and competitive pricing compared to machining, it has become one of our most requested production methods.

From major automotive applications to small, niche market projects, ICS has the experience and technology required to ensure your custom metal parts are produced exactly to your specifications – at a price that fits your budget.

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Powdered Metal Materials

While there are many processes that fall under the umbrella of powder metal (PM) manufacturing, they all have one main thing in common. As the name suggests, these processes all utilize a powdered form of metal as their base material. This metal powder can then be heated, injected, forged, machined, or otherwise manipulated to produce a precise finished component. We manufacture parts from a variety of powdered metals, both ferrous and non-ferrous. From low carbon and alloy steel, to powdered aluminum and brass, PM is an ideal process for most common materials.  

Available PM Materials

Powdered Brass

Powdered brass has exceptional strength, durability, and resistance to corrosion. It is a commonly used material both for it’s engineering benefits and aesthetically pleasing appearance. Powdered brass can be ideal for components that may be exposed to liquids – but care must be taken to control for the porosity of the finished part. At ICS, we have the experience and technology necessary to ensure your powdered brass parts perform in even the most demanding applications.

Powdered Copper

Copper is valued for its thermal and electrical properties. It is also widely used in the transportation of fluids and gasses, including pipes, valves, and components for thermal systems. Powdered copper is used to produce high precision copper components in large volumes at competitive costs.    

High purity iron

High purity iron has several benefits over traditional iron, including lower energy costs compared to ingot-based methods. High purity powdered iron requires fewer production steps, wastes significantly less material, and affords the manufacturers a high degree of control over the properties of the finished part. High purity iron powder can also be used to create very specific alloys, making it ideal for many automotive and magnetic-component applications.

Powdered Stainless steel

Using powder metal processes for stainless steel parts allows for the creation of higher precision, lower waste components with no sacrifices to the strength or quality of the finished part. Powdered stainless steel also lends itself to the creation of extremely specific blends and alloys, giving engineers the control they need to ensure their components perform exactly as required.

… And more!

This list of our PM materials is by no means exhaustive. if you need parts made from a metal you don’t see listed, contact us today – we’d be happy to provide you with more information.

Common Applications of Powder Metallurgy

PM Manufacturing is used to produce parts for many everyday technologies, from the automotive sector to aerospace, healthcare, and home goods industries. Because of the precision, efficiency, and affordability of Powder metal, it is often the best choice for producing components like gears and rings.

Common PM car parts include powder metal gears, shifter and clutch parts, bearings, bushings, chassis components, and other structural parts. In Aerospace, PM is used to reduce the cost and weight of components traditionally produced through machining or other processes. Smaller parts can also be produced for similar applications outside of these industries, including consumer grade products and machines such as hand tools and landscaping equipment.

Outside of the usual gears and mechanical components commonly associated with PM processes, powdered metal also allows for a high degree of control over the composition and magnetic properties of the finished part. This makes PM components uniquely suited for applications in the medical and technology sectors. This makes custom PM components ideal for use in devices like imaging machines, sensors, motors, and filters where magnetic and reactive properties need to be precise.    

Powder Metal Processes

Press and Sinter Powder Metallurgy

In conventional powder metallurgy, we use custom dies and advanced compacting machinery to produce a precise, but unfinished part.  Each powdered metal part is then “Sintered” to complete the manufacturing process. Sintering involves heating the unfinished part in a highly controlled conditions, bringing the component to temperatures just below the powdered metal’s melting point. This produces a finished, solid part with the properties and strength expected from the metal chosen for the component.

Powder Injection Molding

Powder injection molding can produce highly complex shapes in small parts by using conventional injection molding techniques. Custom stock is created by combining powdered metal and a binder, which is then injection molded to form a complex component. The binder is then removed during several additional steps, including sintering. This shrinks the part to its intended size, achieving a precise, high density final product.   

Powdered Metal Coating / Plating

Powdered metal can be used to coat other materials to prevent corrosion, improve aesthetics, or otherwise change the properties of the finished part. Because powder metal allows for a high degree of control over the exact makeup of the finished metal coating, this process is very desirable for applications where the ideal structural material for a part isn’t well suited to the environment it will be used in.

Machined Powder Metal Parts

ICS is a full service custom part provider, and we often use multiple manufacturing methods to produce hard to produce components. Press and sinter or powder injection molded powder metal can be used to produce an unfinished part, which is then machined to form a finished product. Milling, grinding, tapping, and other machining processes can produce a finished product faster, cheaper, more precisely than using just machining or powder metal manufacturing alone.

Designing Your Part

At ICS, we’re here to help you produce the parts you need, no matter where you are in the engineering process. Whether you already have a ready-to-manufacture design file, or you need help determining the exact dimensions or material properties of your final part – we’ve got you covered!

Fill out our quote form with as many project details as you’d like and we’ll be in touch ASAP to work through any considerations and design steps that haven’t been finalized. Once we know exactly what will be required to produce your metal parts, we’ll provide you a competitive quote and project timeline.

Why choose ICS for Powder Metal Manufacturing?

Located in Rochester, NY, ICS produces the parts you need at prices that are competitive with overseas manufacturers – with none of the hassle associated with non US based production. We pride ourselves on making the design and manufacturing process the easiest part of your project. Our customer service is second to none, and our knowledgeable engineers will work with you from start to finish to ensure your components are produced on time and up to spec.  

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