Sintered Filters

Filter Applications
Performance Attributes
Filter Applications


  • Filtration: Filters for separating solids from liquids and gases
  • Fluid flow Metering and pressure control: flow restrictors, calibrated leaks, breather vents, pneumatic delays, timing devices, gauge snubbers, and pressure equalization
  • Flame and spark arrestors for safe handling of flammable gases
  • Sound Dampening and attenuation: pneumatic mufflers and silencers
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Performance Attributes

Performance Attributes:

  • High strength, corrosion resistance and durability properties that are characteristic of each base metal powder.
  • Controlled porosity to achieve specified filtration properties
  • Controlled permeability to meet flow specifications
  • Wide range of design possibilities permitting filtration of particles from 0.1 to 200 micrometers
  • Flow rates from micro-leaks to high volumes
  • Rigidity, shock resistance and ease of cleaning
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