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Why Choose IC Sales for Powdered Metal Parts?

From an array of industrial, automotive, and healthcare applications to small, niche market projects, IC Sales has the experience and precision technology needed to produce cost-efficient powdered metal component parts that meet your exact specifications. Oh, and we make everything right here in the United States.

From onboarding and quotation to production and packaging, we’ll work with you to ensure your component parts are produced on time and up to spec. That’s our promise.

Powdered Metal Parts

What’s Powder Metallurgy?

Fine metal powders are compacted into a near net shape. Parts are sintered in a controlled atmosphere furnace to fuse the powder particles into a dense solid. Powdered metal offers low cost tooling, zero draft capability on vertical walls, minimal material waste, low energy usage and competitive pricing. Powder metallurgy is the perfect solution for a wide range of applications.


Powdered Metal Materials

Common Applications

Powdered Metal Applications

Due to the precision, efficiency, and affordability of Powder Metallurgy, it’s a go-to choice for many applications.

Powdered Metal Automotive Parts


Great for gears, shifter and clutch parts, bearings, bushings, chassis components, and other structural parts.

Powdered Metal Aerospace Parts


Reduce the cost and weight of components traditionally produced through machining or other processes.

Powdered Metal Healthcare Parts

Healthcare & Technology

A high degree of control over the composition and magnetic properties makes components well suited for applications with magnetic and reactive properties.

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Home Goods

Great for small engine parts like knobs, housings, latches, bearings, gears and specialty fasteners.

Types of Powder Metal Processes

Powder metal processes use fine metal powder as a base material, which we can then compact, inject, forge or 3-D print to produce a precise finished component.

Press and Sinter Powder Metallurgy: The base material is compacted in a hydraulic press to form a green blank. The blanks are then sintered and fused in a controlled atmosphere furnace, producing a precise finished component.

Metal Injection Molding: Super fine metal powder is encapsulated with plastic and molded into a shape with conventional injection molding machines. Parts are sintered in a controlled atmosphere furnace resulting in a 97% dense solid component with highly complex shapes. 

Machine Powder Metal Parts: IC Sales is a full service custom part provider, and we can provide secondary machining for the most difficult to produce components.

Additive Manufacturing / 3D Printing: High-resolution 3D printing produces dense, high-quality parts capable of performing in the most demanding applications.

Powdered Metal Process

Have questions about Powder Metallurgy? Are you exploring various manufacturing methods to achieve your product goals?

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